DAYSPRING WISH all her students and ‘their Parents Happy Holidays

Stay well your parents, be a good Ambassador

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Hello world!

Welcome to Dayspring Comprehensive College, Eket  Official Blog.

You are worth hearing. The Diamond in you must glister to give value and substance to people who are waiting for you. The treasures in you must be mined for the benefit of 6.2 billions souls on the planet earth. This Diamond in you, this untapped Treasures imprisoned in you only come out when you SPEAK. Yes you must TALK.

 Here in this Dayspring blog, you can speak, Talk to us about Dayspring Comprehensive College. Tell us what you suggest should be changed, modified or corrected.

 Speak and air what you believe can make education in DCC better, greater, and more resourceful

 Go ahead Treasures of DCC, and tell us. We welcome your comments 

 DCC : A School with a “MISSION”.  


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